Join Us!

Just as its fictional television namesake, WKRP isn't your average radio station. Its parent organization, Oak City Media, Inc., is always on the lookout for new voices and new programming. But while some stations similar to ours will let anyone "play disc jockey" after some basic training? Getting on WKRP requires a commitment of TEAM: Time... Effort... Assistance... and Money. Particularly the first three.


For every two-hour programming block one of our live on-air personalities air, we require a commitment to a third hour performing some other service to the station. It could be seeking out programming underwriters, staffing station events, tidying up around the studios... whatever needs doing. These "third hours" aren't necessarily immediately needed, so we track them for use when needed to meet station needs. In other words, you may not be asked to give us that third hour consistently, but when we ask? We'll expect you to keep your word.


Each WKRP producer undergoes training, but to ensure the best on-air quality, we expect ongoing effort. Write scripts out in advance. Have music selections ready. Come to the studio fully prepared to do your program. Know what you're going to say, and how you're going to say it, before you turn on the mic.


Just as we'll assist you in your goal of being on the air, we'll expect you to help others pursuing that goal if and when needed. It ties in with the "third hour" concept, but we help each other here when we can, where we can.


Thanks to the way WKRP was set up from the outset, money is the least important element of TEAM for us. But it's still an element. Along with undergoing training, membership in Oak City Media is a prerequisite for becoming a live show producer/host at WKRP. Adult members pay annual dues of $60 per year, with a $60 initiation fee upon admission ($120 up front). Youth membership is free, but comes with no voting rights. Dues are payable every January and those who join during the year can have theirs prorated; initiation fees are one-time, however, and are not prorated.

Still Interested?

If the idea of being on the air here at WKRP and talking to potentially a dozen or more people at a time on the radio holds some appeal? Contact us and express your interest. We'll get back in touch to discuss what you may have in mind, and we'll see where things go from there!